Saturday, May 2, 2009

“Diseases Of Sedentary Lifestyle”

Many of the diseases which afflict people who do office jobs are the direct results of a sedentary lifestyle. Do you agree?
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I do agree sedentary lifestyle gives rise to many health ailments. In this essay I shall elaborate on sedentary life style; ailments and their prevention.

Sedentary lifestyle is the one in which people spend major portion of their time sitting at one place and precisely in one position, say at their personal computers in the office or at home. Those people get no physical exercise at all and that result into several health problems. Nevertheless sedentary lifestyle is inevitable in this computerization era. Under the circumstances one has to find a mid way that can help him or her stay healthy in spite of sedentary lifestyle.

In this computerization era, people are awfully busy in business activities and other family and social obligations. There is a considerable lack of physical exercise in their lives. Depending upon the nature of work one is prone to health problems. Sedentary job doers get problems of obesity; over weight; blood pressure; high cholesterol; hypertension; cervical spondylitis; troubles in spine; back ache and muscular pains due to sitting in front of computers for prolonged hours. Those entire if neglected can be fatal.

In conclusion, in order to keep fit, one can play games. Games are means of entertainment and physical exercise. Furthermore playing games has very good effect on the mental as well as physical health of the individual regardless of age. In order to maintain a good health one can join gym or fitness club and do regular exercises. Morning walking and jogging in the natural setting is the best exercise. Those who have sedentary lifestyles may avoid excessive fatty foods and overeating and junk food intake too. A balanced diet with good exercises shall prevent the health ailments.

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