Thursday, March 5, 2009

“Avoid Tiredness During Exam Preparation”

Students can become very tired both emotionally and physically when they are preparing for an examination. How can they look after their health while they are studying?
Students get certain amount of tension while preparing for examination is quite a natural phenomenon. Students who feel certain amount of tension during exam preparation are health wise absolutely normal.

Excessive tension results into disturbed sleep because of which students are rendered restless, and when they keep on exerting under restless condition, obviously they get physically tired. The main cause of this overburden during exam preparation is because majority students, during the studies session, badly while-away their precious time of studies in playing, partying, computer games, online chatting and watching late night movies etc. Because of this students miserably lag behind in studies and when exam approaches they are under sever anxiety and pressure. They want to cover-up the entire syllabus in a few days. This necessitates late night studies and sitting for long hours at each one sitting and that throws them physically and mentally sick. Those who can’t keep late in nights in their natural process, resort to mood elevator drugs that is much more dangerous.

In order to avoid exam time fatigue, students must be trained to follow a strict time table right from day one of the class session and study. This must be strictly followed. This shall eliminate need for over exertion during exam time. Also by leading a well disciplined life one shall enjoy sound mental and physical health.

To conclude with, students must be trained to follow a strict schedule right from beginning of the school session till the examination time and do studies on regular basis. This shall eliminate chances of students getting unduly tensed and overworked or fatigued during examination times. ----------------------------------------------------------------(270 Words)


Tina Hagen said...

Yes,it is true.This remember my college time.Moust of my colleagues were like you describe and they were tired in the sesions.
I didn't learn never the night before the exams, and all the day I've tried to do other things than learning.I wasn't tired in that time.

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